Vivo en México

This is about my life in Mexico.   Come along as  I  write about my thoughts and impressions from day to day.

My small village boasted only three residential streets, crisscrossed by two side streets until the development of a palm orchard near the lagoon. It sits back from the shore where it was located until a Tsunami wave wiped it out in 1985. The town was engineered and rebuilt by the Red Cross.

My Village

My village main street.

This bit of land is a bar between the ocean and a Laguna which shelters some of the most amazing wildlife in Mexico.

Why do I love being there? Here are a few reasons.

Pelican in the mangroves

Pelican in the mangroves

I love the children kicking balls from house to house.  I enjoy walking by the casas interspersed with little storefronts which might only sell sodas, onions and chips.

And I love how I am when I am there.

I don’t worry about purpose. P1010606 I can read a book until I fall asleep and wake up any time of the day or evening and walk to the beach.

I have solitude when I want it but am not alone.  Everyone greets me by name.  If I’m not in a conversation I am still lulled by the constant sound of voices, or music, or the sound of waves, or…

Ron's fish dinnerIf I am hungry I can go to the beach and order a small taco or a large fish.  If I’m cooking and forgot to get peppers, I can walk a block to the little store, go to Carmen’s corner stand,  or wait until the next day for the produce pick-up truck to go by.

Life is simple.

Life is good.

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Hasta pronto

Doña Lynda


6 Responses to Vivo en México

  1. auntaisf says:

    yo quierdo viejar a mexico to remove myself from the tangled ways of my corrupt governement and learn a more natural way of living without the reliance of our everyday modern things. I would love to talk more about you and your village and the experience. I also adore spanish and desea ahablar con fluidez… please get in touch with me. I hope that you still read this.

  2. Bupe Rose says:

    Really awesome! I especially enjoy the vibe in the village and the great sense of community and togetherness. It feels like one big family.

  3. Tami S. Pruitt says:

    Oh my

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