What’s it REALLY like?

What draws me here?

I question why I am living in a kitchen with no running water, in a house that collects dirt from both the ceilings and the dusty main street and with an outdoor washing area that requires carrying hot water, pounding clothes against concrete and hanging wash on the line.

The tiny pink padded toilet seat is enough to send me screaming.  At the very least I dispense with using it at all in order not to push it into the toilet each time I sit on it.  Yikes!*

No running water…but a refrigerator.

Because no one drinks water from the wells here, I add GSE to the water in the pans I have filled in the bathroom (the one place with running water), heated on the one gas burner, and used to clean and rinse dishes.   I fill smaller containers from my 5-gallon bottle of purified water and put them in the refrigerator.  Cold water seems cleaner somehow.

The lagoon water is high this year and my legs have attracted every biting insect in the village in addition to a vindictive spider that found me in my bed, thus reaching all spaces on my body not available to mosquitoes and no-see-ums.  Does everyone know how I feel about spiders?

The Shower

For some reason, it’s where I want to be.  Craziness!

Hasta pronto…

*When I came this year there was a new bathroom right outside the back door of my house.  This truly beats crossing the back yard…especially when my landlords have company since the back yard is their living room

However, I haven’t had a toilet seat.  I mentioned it immediately and yesterday it appeared.  Just a couple of problems: first of all, it is this kind of disgusting barbie seat…pink and padded plastic with flowers on it; second, it is too small.  When I sat on it,  it  kind of collapsed and dipped into the toilet.

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