Hasta la Vista, Whales

When my daughter and I talked were in Mexico we talked  about what the work of Katarina Audley of Whales of Guerrero is doing for the area.

Her group is working hard with adults and kids to teach good fishing practices. The why and how of maintaining the   village livelihood is complicated, but it has huge impact on the people and the unequalled wildlife of la laguna here.

We believe in her work. We took as many children as we could on whale watching trips because it is both educational and exciting for everyone.

I guess the whales appreciated our efforts. They came to say goodbye on our last evening at the beach. What a wonderful show. One would think they were trained – not humpbacks in the wild!

Internret photo

Off in the distance around at the end of the playa we could see three whales either playing or fighting. Once in awhile a baby would show it’s back.  they continued with their antics for half an hour or so before playing tag across the bay. They paused before they went around the rocks. we saw no activity for a few minutes then the burst of activity was outstanding. First one rose up straight up in the air like a column. Another followed and with in seven minutes we saw seven whales in the same pose. It was a salute to our trip.*

Goodbye, Mexico. Hasta pronto…

*I am including a picture from the Internet because I was too far away to take one of the whales.

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