But, what will I eat?

About seven months ago my doctor asked me to try a plant-based diet to counteract my screwed up genetics. Since I would do almost anything not to have another stroke, I agreed. Being a comfirmed flash-eater (excepting beef)  I was surprised at how easy and fulfilling a plant-based diet is!

But I had no illusions about dealing with my dietary issues in Mexico. I could ask to have my breakfast vegan since my Dueña is American and is a vegetarian and at least understood the language of veganism. But in a town that serves primarily, pork, barbacoa, and chicken tacos? Or enchiladas suisse? Not so much. I could go to the beach and eat fish, but iceberg lettuce is the man vegetable that I have seen in the past. In my cooking days, I was able to order spinach in advance from Carmen, the fruit and vegetable lady, but a trip to town was necessary for more than that.

Imagine my joy and surprise to find that a vegan volunteer at the B&B where my casita is located.. I can’t tell you how lovely this creative chef’s breakfasts have been. Twice (because it was my favorite) I have been served beautiful vegan sushi. Marie managed to make a coconut ceviche that certainly fooled me in appearance. It was pretty tasty too. I haven’t had any every-day egg substitutes, I have had polenta pancakes and tacos and lettuce wraps.

And the breakfasts have been so bountiful that I am able to save part of them and have yummy lunches, too. 

The next good surprise was when I went to one of my favorite street vendors, Chayo, who is popular for her quesadillas  filled with wonderful things like peppers,  nepali, and mushrooms. I told her about my doctors orders and, no problem – a tasty quesadilla sin queso but with veges I had never been served in el pueblo. 

My next stop was Erendida’s corner to buy beans and rice para llevar so i’d have some quick protein. Voila – a vegan diet ( if i don’t ask too many questions about how things are cooked).

Hasta Pronto 

One other small issue in my culinary day is lighting a gas stove with no auto-pilot  and only one hand.. There is a great potential for kaboom!  So before leaving home I found a travel hot pot. First thing in the morning I get up and click the button on the small pot. Within minutes i have my lovely Jasmine tea before my morning walk.


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    Yeah baby !!!!!!Anna

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