The Way of All Things…

Photo by Shannon CoburnI  miss the way it was, but I realize I helped make it the way it is. The burden of responsibility as a visitor to Mexico has risen like a specter through the years. I have tried to make as little impact as possible, but I realize that as a “woman of privilege” that impact is indelible with every move I make.

When my husband and I first visited this village he was apalled not to have television. And I was enthralled to see a culture in which a sense of community was at its very core. In the late afternoon people began to appear outside their front doors. men would call across the street to their neighbors. Eventually plastic chairs would appear for the grandmother. Children ran in the streets playing tag or whatever occupied them.

We could see into houses as we walked up and down.. Hammocks strung across rooms with the whole family positioned side-by-side watching the activity on the streets. Young people congregated in clusters, laughing and talking. As far as we could tell everyone was visible. And we were greeted by all. 

That has changed. Young people are clustered around cell phones. parents watch television from the couch. Little children are playing with electronics* or on the one porch that has assembly of video games. There is no real running in the streets or conversation. The streets are very dark and quiet except for the occasional person going a comprar at one of the little stores.

Gringo cars line the streets  by Dona Emy’s. Visitors also fill the tables at Chayo’s. Some local families sit at the edges or wait for their food para llevar.

Fishing has changed, both in la laguna and in the sea,  it is hardly recognizable as a fishing village . The size of the fish being eaten now means  three dozen to a family instead of three families to a fish.

Many of the houses on the street are fancy and two-story. Lines of pick ups and cars and ATVs are parked in front of them. No visible means of support!

I miss my village. Well, it was never mine – but it came to feel like home. Unfortunately now it’ not too different from my own neighborhood with its closed front doors and invisible neighbors.

Hasta pronto…

*tourists insisted on internet and it has arrived in almost every home.

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2 Responses to The Way of All Things…

  1. annadunlap says:

    that’s more than a little sad xoA.

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