Coming Soon…

Friday peliculas are a great addition to village nightlife.

A couple who brought property in the village have opened a pub here. It caters primarily to gringos, offering a place to gather for coffee or drinks and some special music events. But every it Friday night at dusk, they lower a giant sheet of plastic and screen movies for the younger crowd.

Early in the week  a small as sign announces the coming attraction.Each time, I limp along next to a young friend who carries my plastic chair so I can happily sit through movies dubbed in Spanish. Not understanding every word is a small price to pay for being included in a group of mesmerized children munching free palomitos (popcorn).and drinking fruit-flavored agua – the village’s slightly healthier version of Kool-Aid. No one objects when the little ones yammer and run about. The children freely walk up for refills.

Life is exciting here!

Hasta pronto

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